Tours with snowshoes

If you like hiking and you want to enjoy the mountains, we offer a complete aerobic activity, a walking with snowshoes at your own pace because you are the protagonist, near to Sierra Nevada Ski Resort if you want to be near to the slopes where your friends and family are practicing skiing, as far from the ski slopes if you want to enjoy the tranquility and the breathtaking scenery of the Sierra Nevada massif.

Snowshoes are a few tools that attach to boots increase the surface and improve the weight distribution of the person so that you will not sink and can move swiftly on snowy or icy terrain.

Gran nevada de la temporada pasada, así estaba la Plaza de Andalucía
Heavy snowfall last season. So was the Andalucía Square.

These activities can be hired for both individuals and groups (depending on the number of people will go one or two teachers).

Price of tours with snowshoes



  • You need to carry a backpack with water (either bottle or camelback bottle holders) and some food (the best energy bars, dried fruit or nuts as they occupy little and are very energetic).
  • Wear pants or waterproof mountain pants and thermal underneath and the top thermal shirt mesh, feather coat and waterproof or windproof primaloft two or three membranes (innerplus or goretex) jacket. This activity is best to wear light gloves.
  • Learn to use a map and compass so you can guide you if you do some hiking without a teacher. Furthermore we will explain meteorology, mountain snow science and safety.

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