Open slopes in Sierra Nevada in Constitution Fest Weekend

Come to ski to Sierra Nevada in Constitution Fest Weekend!!

The ski resort southernmost in Europe

Last days in Sierra Nevada, snowfall  will allow open more kilometers of slopes.

Now, the resort has open 19 slopes in Veleta Zone and 6 ski-lift (ski-lifts and gondola lift). Next weekend Sierra Nevada will want to open Laguna Zone because there are a lot of snow and snow cannons are preparing River Slope.

Furthermore, this afternoon and tomorrow are expected snowfalls and accordingly this fest weekend the people can enjoy freshly fallen snow.


Tourism, leisure and music in Sierra Nevada

The ski resort of Sierra Nevada is also preparing for next weekend some leisure and music activities to complete the leisure activities on these holidays.

Sierra Nevada increases its offer night skiing

Sierra Nevada increases its offer night skiing during the 2014-2015 season with the lighting Maribel´s slope.

Sierra Nevada this season increases its offer night skiing thanks to Maribel track lighting, among Borreguiles and Pradollano, which almost doubles the skiable kilometers in the Granada winter season (5.8 kilometers), which pioneered in Spain practice winter sports with artificial light.

The Maribel and Rio tracks are illuminated to practice Night Ski or Snowboard at special times, from Thursday to Saturday from December 6, 19 to 22 hours.


The advantage is that the forfaits (ski pass) are much cheaper and in three hours gives more than enough time to enjoy skiing or snowboarding.

Sierra Nevada’s Snow Park has designed the longest line in Europe for this winter season

The four main sectors of Sulayr has consolidate 70 features, 46 of them will be able to combine in a row. 9 features are new for this winter season.

The Freestyle area of the resort emerged from last years World Cup with new dynamic sector and progressive for every user, from initiations to the professional levels.

Sulayr Snowpark creates a new sector, wider area for the kids to learn, the security improved and prevents ” surprises ” depending on the amount of snow.

The winter resort of Sierra Nevada has designed for the 2013-14 season a wider and accessible for all kinds of public and with a new sector, that will provide good snow conditions for the jumps and obstacles, and still be the longest park in Europe with 70 features that the user will be able to combine with 46 in a row.

This line, named NSR, will establish the main pilar of Sulayr Snowpark that with the total of installations and operative sectors, will have 11′ obstacles in all the Dílar slope and a new area for the kids, that along with their parents, can begin to freestyle.

That is how it appears in the designers and constructors of the 2013-14 Sulayr snow park, at a few months away from the finals of the snowboard and ski World Championship, and a season away from the celebration of the 2015 Winter University of Granada.

So the constructors of Sierra Nevada’s snow park say “what is probably one of the longest lines of Europe will be dynamic with a design that will depend on the quantity of snow. From the 70 features, with jumps and rails, the snow park will offer at It’s best splendor, 46 of them will be available in just one run; the user will be able to choose the majority of platforms in two different options.”

Sulayr snow park is, since it’s was moved to the Dilar slope, an international reference and a decisive element in the reorganization of Sierra Nevada, that took place three seasons ago and has permuted a better distribution for skiers and snowboarders for a skiing control of the resort.

For this campaign Sulayr will have four medium level sections, that will begin at the entrance line by the chair lift of Monachil next to wind stopper of the slope Poniente – main entrance of the snow park and will end 2,5 kilometers after in a new sector, the crossing slope with Loma de Dílar with the bridge.

Also, the mini park – or Progression Park – dedicated to the beginners in snowboard and freestyle will be on both sides of the Loma del Dílar chair lift. The widen area will be called “Kidspark” and will be focused on the smaller ones that will be with their parents and will be able to begin in Freestyle with no risks and with professional assistance.

Parallel to “Kidspark” there will still be, but with better platforms, the mini park of the second level – before named Progression Park; that will have a blow up matters for the landing of the beginning riders. With all, the half pipe will continue begin the flagship of Sulayr park, an installation with great impact unique in Spain due to It’s dimensions.

“The 2013-14 snow park has a special highlight in the progression level, so that each sector brings a new level of learning from the previous one. The snowboarders will be able to do their first jumps and tricks to the point of progression to the World Cup at a professional level”, speaks the designers and constructors of Cetursa Sierra Nevada.

“Fun Park” and professional lines when the snow conditions permit it, the Sulayr snow park will qualify the professional slope style line with the same features as last season’s World Cup.

At the same time, the constructors of the snow park are thinking on adding area for freestyle at the Loma de Dilar: the Funpark, an area where there will be a half pipe with smaller dimensions and a snowboard cross or ski cross slope.