About us

Integral Sierra Nevada

It´s a young company formed by an enthusiastic team specializing in various sports combined with interpretation of nature, recreation and cultural activities.

Luis Zea

Luis is Technician Sports Alpine Skiing (TD2) and Guide MediaI Mountain (TD1). Although he is also Motorcycle and Paddle instructor. He has a english high level and French medium level so he can teach in Spanish, English or French indifferently.

Luis Zea (TD2 de Esquí)
Luis Zea (TD2 de Esquí)

He has an extensive sports resume. He started skiing just two years and as a child he competed in various disciplines of Alpine Skiing. When he was a teenager he competed for several years in the discipline Mountainbike Downhill and then he participated in motorcycling sports in Resistance and Supermoto Championship in Spain. He also stressed on Padel where he played in 2nd division.

Original Monachil (situated in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada where most of the ski resort belongs) has always been attached to the mountain. The practice hiking and biking in the spring and summer and also in recent years has been devoted to climbing and backcountry skiing, snowshoeing and other climbing techniques. He currently heads the company Integral Sierra Nevada and teaches all kinds of people who show interest in sports in which he has specialized.

Belén Pérez

Belén Pérez is Superior Technician Sports Alpine Skiing and degree in Environmental Science.

Belen Perez (TD2 de Esquí)
Belen Perez (TD2 de Esquí)

Since she was a little girl, she is a lover of nature and sport, so she studied Environmental Science and she did some courses of instructor of leisure and recreation (outdoor specialty). She works as a teacher in alpine skiing and other sports (skimountain, snowshoeing, climbing, hiking, mountain biking, skating..) and she prepares the part related to the interpretation of nature, orienteering, snow science and meteorology of activities taking place in the company. She prepares her sessions in Spanish and English.

She hasn´t been linked to the competition, but she’s been since I finished college, linked to teaching and research (she has Pedagogical Adaptation Course and several courses of Teaching Methodology),  so she always try to keep learning and to teach their students the most innovative techniques to promote a free, motivational and meaningful learning. Currently she works as a teacher in a School of Technical Training Sports of Ski and Mountain (Iundenia).